It’s really important to understand what’s happening right now.

There is a CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION happening everywhere. We (modern humanity) are waking up by the millions as we are slowly but consistently asking questions about the ‘real world’ versus the ‘constructed delusion’ of what has been created.

We are all NEO (watch the Matrix movies if you do not know who NEO is) and we are all part of the solution that will revolutionize the modern world. The biggest challenge I have seen, is the ‘break through’ moment from accepting the world that is, to understanding the way things really are. It is heart-breaking at first to discover that the life you have been living has been mostly constructed by a SOCIOPATHIC SYSTEM run by a small amount of ‘elite families’ in order to rule the billions of people on the planet and maintain order of those people, for the benefit of just a few at the top.

all-seeing-eye-pyramid-illuminati**This my #TruthSeeker friends is what the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye in the Pyramid represents on the US one dollar bill***

You see EGO & GREED rule these people, as they do not think or feel like you and I. This is something I repeatedly say to those waking up, because so many people cannot get their head around what a #TruthSeeker like me is saying.

Yet when you do finally get it and see the light (and darkness), the first thing that usually happens is you get angry because you know the SYSTEM you’ve been born into is a lie. You think ‘what the fuck is this all about?’ and this can create confusion and HUGE frustration in your life. For many #TruthSeekers they get depressed also and have a sense of hopelessness. I hear often how people think the solution is ‘getting off the grid’ and running away from it all, yet I want to tell you this .. that’s you just thinking about yourself and going into fear mode as well. Seriously 7 billion people cannot live off the grid, instead WE NEED TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT CREATED THE GRID IN THE FIRST PLACE, so we can all be free together!!!

So how is that going to happen? Enter the Whistleblower .. possibly the real Superheroes of today’s world!

The WHISTLEBLOWER (in my eyes) is a courageous and ballsy person whose life’s calling is to EXPOSE TRUTH – no matter what! They risk their livelihood and their lives to share vital information that is deemed illegal, unethical and immoral .. and on an epic scale will do this for the greater good of every single person on the planet. They are the LEADERS OF THE REVOLUTION who were born to risk everything, so the EGOIC SYSTEM we were all born into can ultimately COLLAPSE!

In saying this, the major threat for Governments right now is not war, it is the Whisteblowers who expose TRUTH and are doing so on a grand scale. Yet, the ‘Money Men’ (Heads of the Elite Families) will go to any lengths for their self-created system not to collapse and because of this, many of the Whistleblowers end up persecuted, jailed or dead.

I’m sure some of you reading this will disagree with me and carry on with some patriotic (brain washed) bullshit that Whistleblowers are traitors against their Government and country. Truly? So these people who expose the truth (understand, they are not making up shit for entertainment sake!!!), and who risk their lives to REVEAL SECRETS THAT HIDE THE TRUTH are the traitors of the world? Well, in my world, the Government you have entrusted your life to, who are OWNED and BOUGHT by the ‘Money Men’ are the real perpetrators here! They have orchestrated countless HIDDEN SECRETS in order to MASTER AN ILLUSION that falsifies every persons’ life. They KNOWINGLY LIE TO THE MASS in order to create a world that suits them. That. Is. It.

whistleblowers-trioI’m now going to list some names that I want you to remember (many of them you probably never heard of), for all these people have helped us all be closer to truth, whether or not you believe this. If however you think these humans are traitors to humanity, then may I suggest you go back to watching Fox News and listening to the bullshit they feed you, as you sip on a nice cup of ‘shut the fuck up and do as the Money Men say’.

Mark Felt (infamous Watergate scandal, FBI informant that toppled Nixon presidency)

Daniel Ellsberg (State Dept employee, leaked Pentagon papers that exposed how the Vietnam war was created by the US Government)

Linda Tripp (White House employee who was a key figure in the Monica Lewinsky / Clinton saga)

Karen Silkwood (Nuclear safety whistleblower who mysteriously died during in the midst of a campaign against Kerr-McGee)

Colleen Rowley (FBI Special Agent exposed the failure of agents in relation to the 9/11 attacks)

Mordechai Vanunu (Israel nuclear whistleblower)

Jeffrey Wigand (Former Tobacco company executive, who ousted the industry that knowingly knew of the addictive nature of cigarettes)

Detective Frank Serpico (Testifier of police brutality and corruption in NYC)

Sherron Watkins (Enron corp executive, exposed enormous financial lies and fraud)

Edward Snowden (CIA technical worker, uncovered secret US Government surveillance programs)

David Icke (Former TV journalist, now conspiracy theorist who openly exposes the fraudulent systems and cover-ups of our world)

Anonymous (international whistleblower network of activist and hacktivist entities)

Bradley Manning (US army soldier who became Wikileaks source and informant)

Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder and all-round exposer of corrupt Governments & politicians)

julian_assange_keep-fightingNow speaking of Julian Assange, you will see his name is splashed everywhere at the moment in the news. It is no secret that Assange is going to expose HILLARY CLINTON’S LIES and this is causing major disruption for her at the moment, which causes chaos to the ‘Money Men’ who need her to be in office for their own gain.

And here is a statement just released by WikiLeaks:

‘We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of (Hillary) Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speechs (sic),’

Now #TruthSeekers, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out what is going on here! Obviously the US are threatened by what Assange can and will expose! Obviously there is some type of tactical involvement by the US, to bully Ecuador into creating issues for Assange in exposing the truth and ultimately bringing down Hillary. This is something we should all be very interested in, to see how this is going to play out. Why? Because as I said in the last blog, what happens in the US Elections, affects every single person on the planet. We need to understand that we are all connected, even though we live on different continents .. the fact remains we live under the same system that needs to be abolished in order for us to live the life we were born to live.

Lastly I want to leave you with this. Over 200 years ago, the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham wrote the following in separate essays:

In the darkness of secrecy, sinister interest and evil in every shape have full swing.”

.. and ..

Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never to be the system of a regular government”.

Personally, I think Bentham was onto something, do you?

Question Everything!

Greg Riley #TruthSeeker