“Physical death is not to be feared but seen as a chance for us to know who we really are.”

One of the most rewarding parts of being a Medium is to remove the fear of death that so many people have. It is something that we all seek and that is, what happens after when we “die”. To explain what happens we have to first go over the role we play before coming to the earth plane.

As a spirit our evolution is a tangled web of lessons and experiences from life to life. Before each life we are aware of the previous lives we have lived, what stage in our evolution we are at and what lessons or experiences we are currently undertaking. Armed with this information and in conjunction with our guide we choose a number of possible lives we could live. We carefully evaluate these options and with our guide’s input we come to a decision as to which life is to be our next incarnation. This then creates a blueprint for the coming life. This blueprint will include such things as our main life purpose, karmic agreements (if any), having certain relationships, meeting certain people, experiencing certain tasks, dilemmas, roles, jobs, celebrations etc.

On physical death it is a very uplifting and loving experience. There is no pain or negative effects, only love. By shedding the dense physical body you become aware of your eternal being. It is an experience that many people cannot put into words as our language cannot label this joy. We are often met by friends and family that have already passed over and we are also met by our primary guide.

Eventually however we must review the past life we have just lived with our guide. This is not a “human” review of things as we do here on earth. There is no feeling of failure if things did not turn out as we had intended. It is a discussion about how we fared against the original blueprint we agreed too. We feel the emotions created by many of the events of our life, this includes the good and the bad plus how we affected people with certain decisions we made. The main discussion though is, did we achieve what we intended to do? In many cases it is a mixture of yes and no and this is the way it is meant to be.

This is a very simplistic account; our physical death experience is much more in-depth. The main point to remember is that we are all eternal beings connected at all times through a common goal that is to experience who we really are.

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