A lot has changed over the last 2 years.  A bit of a sabbatical for me so I could complete my life between lives accreditation and my pilot’s licence, but we’re back, and we are back in a bigger and better way.
So let’s talk about the website and what it means.  There is a lot of symbology in the style.  Black represents everyone’s darkness, that part of us that is the shadow.  The white is the light within all of us, our spirit and inspiration and the red is us, the physical us.
The logo….is a picture of a fox, well half a picture anyway.  The fox being my totem animal.  The 3 prongs represent your mind body and spirit all pointing to a central point, your 3rd eye.  This logo design came to me in a deep shamanic experience.
My services have changed too.  I still offer standard psychic and mediumship readings.  These sessions are now only 45 minutes long.  I will still continue to offer Hypnoenergetics and Quantum Consciousness sessions as before, but we have taken those modalities to a new level as well by offering Life between Lives sessions.  I am one of only approximately 25 people in Australia certified to do this work by The Newton Institute (TNI).  Those of you who know Michael Newton’s books will know the powerful healing that can come from these sessions.  These session can go for between 3 and 5 hours where you will visit a past life, blend with your soul/higher self and receive the wisdom and answers to your life’s biggest questions such as:
  • What’s my purpose?
  • Why am I here to learn?
  • Why did I choose my parents?
  • Who am I incarnating with?
  • What am I learning from life to life?
  • Why have I chosen certain relationships?
  • How do and can I remove block?
  • What steps can I take next to strengthen my spiritual knowledge/connection?
And so much more.
The next extension you will see is something I am very passionate about.  Soul Readings/Sessions and Personal Coaching.
Soul Readings/Sessions are designed for those who want to go deeper into a reading.  In a psychic read I will cover at a high level all those questions; love, relationships, work, finances etc.  Those sessions are really for people that just like the “am I on the right track” question answered and “what should I do in this situation”.  They are quick and to the point.
If you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole and know why things are the way they are, how to change them and what to do about it then this is for you.  The session go for between 60 – 90 minutes (usually 90 minutes) and are designed to give you a profound understanding of your life and where you have been and where you are heading.
Personal Coaching/Mentoring:  I already have a number of clients I coach on a regular basis but I have created space in my week to offer more coaching sessions.  You can do a one off session, 8 weeks, 12 weeks or even longer.  These sessions cover your whole life.  Mind, body, spirit……the whole lot.  I love working with people and seeing the transformation in them over the journey.  To me coaching or mentoring is something that we all need from time to time.  All great sports people have coaches/mentors.  In my corporate life I had a mentor, so why not life.  I have learned from the best in the business and along with my spiritual abilities I can offer you a deep and profound understanding of who you really are, to find that real happiness.
Finally….LIVE YOUR TRUTH.  Why that?  Well it’s because the majority of people I see are not living their truth, they are living a lie.  I am here to strip you bare, break everything back and help you see who you really are.  To see the soul inside of you and what you are seeking.  I am here to help you find what we are all looking for which is happiness.  Happiness in every aspect of yourself that can then radiate to others in your life.  So that’s how I came up with live you truth because your happiness is your truth and its time to live that truth!!!