brangelinaOMG everyone! Did you hear about Brangelina? They SPLIT up! WTF? This is so cray cray .. and I thought they would be together forever, I am so fucking shattered right now!


So here we go again #TruthSeekers .. the sheeple are being herded into the world of Crazy Celebrity once again. The sheeple are being told to give a fuck about people they’ve NEVER EVER met and probably will NEVER EVER know.

Yet while real shit is happening on the planet, the TOP NEWS STORY right now is about the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce PLUS how Jennifer Aniston must be feeling pretty fantastic right now because her cheating ex got his karma. Well .. I am going to be extremely blunt here .. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THIS WHILE OUR WORLD IS BEING RUN BY PSYCHOPATHS WHO PLAY THE MASS LIKE PUPPETS FOR THEIR OWN SICK, TWISTED AGENDA!

Seriously people, are we that screwed up with the brain washing of Mass Media that we can’t see that this is yet another distraction? There’s an old saying in the Conspiracy Theory world and it goes something like this:

hidden-truths-unspoken-lies“When Mainstream Media blows something out of proportion, there’s something MUCH BIGGER going on that they are trying to distract you from actually seeing.”

And I want to add something to that for you to think about:


The issue with Mainstream Media is there are a whole lot of ‘hidden truths’ being covered up daily, which in fact become unspoken lies. The ‘powers that be’ however want you to see what they want you to see, simply because they are playing the world for their own destructive desires.

And I’m telling you right now that this Brangelina Break-up media mayhem is another distraction from the REAL NEWS and the TRUTH!

So you might be wondering .. what could be the real news right now:

Well as this Celebrity Gossip is based in America (mostly), let’s go straight over to the good old U S of A!

crazy-hillarySoooo, let’s have a look what could be happening? Hmmmm .. well without researching too much, there’s a CORRUPT ELECTION taking place with CORRUPT POLITICIANS continuing to convince the American people that they actually have a say as to what CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTY is going to win (when the whole thing is rigged anyway – with Corporate America owned by the Elite Families being the ONLY winner).

Ohhhh, and there’s that Hilary Clinton thing .. with her MAJOR health issues, reports of body doubles used constantly, plus that HUGE fraud & lies cover-up thing, and overall ‘Class A’ crazy shit that comes with being a ‘sell out’ Clinton!!!

terrorist-911-illuminati-card-twin-towersAnd of course .. well we just had the 15 year anniversary of 911! You know that teeny weeny terrorist attack that killed thousands of people on American home soil. Supposedly some crazy, untrained religious-extremist pilots with box cutters (ohhhh they are soooo scary – have you seen a box cutter!!!), flew two planes into two buildings in NYC, which then caused three buildings to FREE FALL – when in fact NO other building in the entire world, in entire history has ever fallen down in ‘free fall’ due to fire. Hmmmm .. and of course there was that other plane that hit the Pentagon, which left NO plane parts and happened to hit the Pentagon exactly where they were investigating where trillions of dollars went missing the day before. Ummm .. and there’s that other plane that crashed, but you won’t find any evidence of that one either, just a black smudge on the ground. *nothing to see here peeps* It’s kind of interesting to have 4 planes ‘supposedly’ smash into things and have NO real plane parts.

But hey, maybe I’m overthinking it? Maybe I’m just a crazy conspiracy nutbag?

Well what else is going on in the world? Oh, this week the US also effectively diverted the genocide and war crimes they have committed, by murdering 80 odd innocent people in Syria by creating sympathy for them in a local bombing.

Once again they have shown that they have no issues creating a diversion to mask the real issue. This week our own (Australian) Prime Minister simple said “oh we’re sorry we accidentally bombed innocent people”. Now if that was Russia we would be talking about in very different terms, it would be before the UN.

Oh actually wait a minute the US did bring Russia before the UN yesterday for the bombing of the humanitarian convoy!!!! Good job John Kerry for selling your soul to the masked bankers once again. How did the US get this footage…..apparently drone footage???? Don’t drones have missiles attached to them? hmmmm

putin-evilSo what do you do when you have such an issue .. well you get your covert US Government Agency to ‘create a bombing’, BLAME it on some group called ISIS and create sympathy for you. The news then focuses on this and the other item simply goes away. Don’t worry this lone bomber may have thought he was doing something for his religion but I can tell you this .. there are groups inside the US masking as terror organisations under the banner of Islam, when they are not; they are in fact US agency conning people getting ready to pull the trigger when ready to create any diversion.

It happens time and time again where the US do something then create a diversion and the media lap it up. They killed people, innocent people and nothing is being done. Russia (and Putin) get painted as the ‘bad guys’ for bringing this up, when in fact the US had created ISIS, and they created a war in Syria. A FALSE WAR because their president won’t bow to the US.

However, you probably don’t even know about more bombings, or the genocide that continues to happen by Governments all around the world .. because Brangelina split up!

Question Everything!