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Secret Mens Business is a 30 day transformation journey for men to unleash your power within, and to reconnect you with those most important aspects of your life.  To heal the anxiety, depression, addiction and to reconnect you with your partner, children, friends, purpose and most importantly, yourself.

Greg Breaks down what it means to be a man today.  He will go to the root cause of the issues and the conditioning where you will understand what is causing the current situation you are in.

What you will receive out of this program:

  • Break through the programming that has lead you to this position.
  • Reconnect you with you family and friends or those people most important in your life.
  • Take you back to basics as to what is important in life.
  • Assist you to heal the anxiety, depression and addictions.
  • Help you understand what it is to be a man in today’s world.
  • Help you to connect emotionally but with passion, power and vulnerability.
  • Gain insight into your subconscious mind and what is holding you back.
  • Gain clarity about career and abundance.
  • Gain insight into your mental power and strength.
  • How to connect in a completely different level sexually.
  • Create that health and wellbeing that you’ve always strived for.
  • How to connect on a whole new level spiritually and to find “YOU”.
  • How to achieve high levels of mediation and oneness.

Why do this?

Through working in the intuitive and corporate world for a number of years I have seen a great deal of hardship for men.  We are taught from a very young age what it is to be a man but this has caused an imbalance with who men truly need to be.  The messaging is all wrong and this is leading men to have a mid life crisis, result in addictions to sedate our feeling due to stress, anxiety and depression.  It’s time to create the new man, one that knows his place in the world.  This man is not weak though, he is highly evolved, passionate, caring, emotionally strong but vulnerable.  They connect on every level – mind, body and spirit.

I know this pain, I’ve buried 9 mates due to suicide.  It’s time for this to stop.  This program is deep transformational work.  It will be hard, I won’t lie but its time to no longer settle for just a life.  It’s time for you to live life with, purpose, passion, love, oneness, leadership and abundance.  If you do the work this program with transform every aspect of your life.


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*Please note international clients are charged at a higher rate if the session is conducted by phone to accommodate for international dialling rates.

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Stronger, healthier, passionate, purposeful, vulnerable and have the happiness you’ve been searching for

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“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Aristotle Onassis