Ultimate knowing through physical release

A Live Your Truth Quantum Consciousness session is unlike anything you have experienced before. Clients embrace an expanded state of being by journeying through the ‘human portal’ into the continuous expansion of the eternal consciousness. Here, the perception of consciousness itself in its purest form is realised as a quantum energetic being.

But how?

We are all capable of altered states of being which deliver divine wisdom and insight into life.  A Live Your Truth Quantum Consciousness journey begins with ‘the remembering’ which ignites the realisation that we are much more than flesh and bone. Knowing this shifts the Present Consciousness to allow us to travel through the different states of awareness in a safe and supported setting. Greg is with you all the way as you explore your stored, alternate, parallel and interdimensional consciousness to unearth ultimate knowing. This life-altering journey is fully realised by embracing the Eternal Consciousness and pausing to experience the transformative energy it gives before connecting your life force or quantum energy with ‘all there is’.

Becoming one with the universe is possible. You are safe and free to be everything you desire to be.

The knowing has begun.

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Stronger, healthier, passionate, purposeful, vulnerable and have the happiness you’ve been searching for

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“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Morpheus “The Matrix”