A controversial subject within the spiritual community is that of reincarnation and, depending on whom you speak with, you will receive many different answers. In essence however, reincarnation is the belief that as a soul we are on a journey of self discovery and ultimately enlightenment. A journey which is attained by experiencing many different physical lives.

The subject of reincarnation is very difficult to explain in simple terms due to its complexity and also the many other aspects reincarnation raises such as, religious viewpoints, soul agreements, karma and fate vs free will, to name just a few.

The origin of reincarnation is actually unknown, however many believe that the initial ideas came from India and Greece. Reincarnation was for many years primarily an eastern philosophy however, throughout the last century, the notion of reincarnation has become increasingly accepted amongst western cultures.

Those who believe in reincarnation suggest that our soul’s path is a matter of us choosing a number of physical lives with certain lessons or experiences in these lives which allow our soul to grow towards reaching or attaining enlightenment. These lessons or experiences are what many refer to as our ‘blueprint’ within these lifetimes.

As we pass over into the spiritual realm after death we then review our recent life to ascertain whether we achieved what this ‘blueprint’ contained. From there we can then choose to incarnate again to further our soul’s purpose or to stay in the spiritual realm for other lessons. If we did not achieve what our soul’s ‘blueprint’ was in that lifetime we also have the choice of re-enacting the same lessons in a subsequent life.

To understand what reincarnation is we first have to take the viewpoint that our soul is eternal and that we are on a journey. Rather than having one life where, at its end, we are judged by ‘God’ as to whether we have been ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we work through many life experiences both good and bad. Even Einstein himself believed that the soul was eternal and on a path of knowing itself through physical experiences and that, like energy, it could not be destroyed.

The case for reincarnation is becoming much more widely accepted within our current society and culture. However, the nature of why we reincarnate, still remains controversial amongst many spiritual belief systems. In simple terms our soul is on a journey of discovery that, through many lifetimes and experiences, comes to understands who and what we are. And that is we are all part of the infinite source many call ‘God’.

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