Quite often in readings pets come through to connect with their owners and for us to know that they too pass over. It is a common question I get asked about whether pets pass over and where do they go too?

Pets themselves are a gift. They have their own consciousness, not the same as a human consciousness but none the less important. Pets and their owners have a special bond, a bond that goes beyond just the physical life shared. How often have you come home after a really bad day to find that your pet no matter what has happened greets you with unconditional love (as long as you feed him or her!)? This is the essence of the consciousness that they have.

Pets pass over the same as we do. Eventhough they may be a different type of consciousness they too are part of the spirit world. They have the same ability to come through as many of our loved ones do. Pets also come through with the type of personality that they had here in the physical world. This can be quite surprising to many that they can do this and many people are taken aback that pets can actually communicate from the spirit world.

When pets communicate through a medium they will often come through with whether they were a small or large dog, what colour, short or long hair and as stated above the type of personality they had. They will often try to communicate their names or funny situations that happened to them or around them.

The evidence they present to the medium comes through exactly the same way as a friend or loved one would communicate with us. Mediums really enjoy when pets connect with their owners as their energy is always uplifting and very healing. Pets will also often greet us when we pass over which demonstrates to us the bond that they share.

The spirit world is a large place where many different consciousnesses gather. Whether you have mice, cats, dogs, hamsters, horses they all present themselves in the spirit world. They come to the physical world to help us grow and love. This does not change in the spirit world. They are companions for life that we can learn many things from.

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