Hello #TruthSeekers!

Today I want to talk about old age pension and other injustices. And there’s a lot of emotion that’s here as I write this, because the fact that our nations’ elderly folk and minorities are being treated so badly by our Government, is an outright tragedy.

old-age-pensionFirst thing I want to address is this .. I am very concerned for a future where people who work hard their whole life, pay taxes and are genuinely good people, are financially penalized by the Government, instead of applauded for their ethical efforts. And the discrepancies between the typical Aussie battler on an old-age pension v’s Political retirement pension is ludicrous.

To think that a full Politician’s Pension is around $255,000 p.a (plus a whole heap of other perks) and an old-age single pension is less than $21,000 p.a. – does not make ANY sense to me. Seriously our so-called leaders have lost the plot to think it is acceptable to cut old-age pensions, but not adjust political pensions that are a wasteful chunk in our country’s deficit.

Let’s do the maths.

$255,000 divided by $21,000 = 12.14

bronwyn-bishopSo for every 12 pensioners who have most likely spent over 50 years paying taxes and working freaking hard to keep a roof over their head, and food on the table for their family .. one greedy politician – for the rest of their life – gets to live in luxury for being part of a political term, whether or not they did any good for the country! Or you could look at it like this .. for the everyday pensioner, they have to live over 12 years to receive what one ex-politician receives in one year! Really, is it just me, or are you not all thinking WTF is going on?

And it would be fair to say that it feels like our older generation are getting punished for doing the ‘right thing’. In their era they were told to work hard and you’ll be rewarded in your older years, but now the stress and financial pressure is creating havoc amongst them, which is really a sad situation.

I wonder if I told an ex-politician to live on $21,000 a year, how would they like it? If I said, ‘Hey Bronwyn, your weekly subsidy is going to be reduced drastically because the people have woken up to how politicians are rorting the everyday person!’ I wonder how would she would react? This is a case of extremes and once again connected to ‘elite agendas’ far out of a normal person’s mind scope.

love-is-loveNow I want to also talk to you about more wasteful money that is being spent, simply because politicians like to think they are more important than the mass of people. Gay marriage plebiscite* has cost our country more than $170,000,000 .. on a  law that should just be passed. This political to’ing and fro’ing over making a decision whether two people who love each other can get married, is ridiculous! Seriously who cares if those two people are two men, two women or a man and a woman .. love is love .. and NO person, NO religion, NO government should stop authentic love from happening. And to live in a country where we are continually fighting for this right AND in doing so it is costing the ‘tax payer’ practically hundreds of millions of dollars is so unbelievably absurd.

I truly believe we are at a crossroads with all political hierarchy. Something will change once the mass of people begin to stand up to a few people at the top who think they know what is best for the billions who have practically (unknowingly) given their power away to them. Too many people are waking up to the injustices of government reign and it is time for the millions of #truthseekers to step up to the challenge and firstly expose the issues, then begin to take steps to change it.

Question Everything!

Greg Riley #TruthSeeker


* PLEBISCITE: the direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution.