albert-einstein-quote-dangerous-worldHave you heard of that old saying, ‘Do as I say, not as I do!’

I remember hearing it as a kid from adults (some who were teachers) who wanted to control children who questioned authority or who were obviously free thinkers. These adults in my eyes now were not leaders at all, however desperate to have control over another person, because possibly they could not have control over themselves, or were fearful of a ‘free thinking’ outcome.

This ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ mentality reminds me of Mainstream Media with their impressionable audience, who by the millions each day turn on the news, current affairs, talk shows and other perpetuated information channels to get a hit of ‘what’s happening in the world today’. The ‘News Makers’ however typically want you to live by what they say, NOT by what they do or by the truth in that matter. The NEWS as you know it, is simply an ‘orchestrated story’ from an elite system who want you to believe in their way of thinking, for the gain of their own EGO filled desires.

The whole thing reminds me of Jim Carrey in the Truman Show. I remember watching that movie decades ago and having many WTF moments .. possibly like many of you did. Just in case you have forgotten, here’s a list of some amazing #TruthSeeker moments from the film:


trumanshow-posterTV Announcer: 1.7 billion were there for his birth. 220 countries tuned in for his first step. The world stood still for that stolen kiss. And as he grew, so did the technology. An entire human life recorded on an intricate network of hidden cameras, and broadcast live and unedited, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to an audience around the globe. Coming to you now from Seahaven Island, enclosed in the largest studio ever constructed, and along with the Great Wall of China one of only two man-made structures visible from space, now in its 30th great year… It’s The Truman Show!

#TruthSeeker overview: Truman’s birth represents all of us. We are the ‘True Man’. We have grown in technological times and our entire human life is now recorded on an intricate (Government Ordered) network of hidden cameras, and broadcast live and unedited, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the ‘elite audience who controls the globe. Seahaven Island is symbolic for ‘see-haven’ where we live in a made-up visual world that houses our ‘belief systems and haven-like ideals’, and the ‘island’ represents the ‘limitations’ of the self.


Talk Show Caller: Hi, Christof. I was just wondering how many cameras you got there in that town.

Christof: Somewhere in the vicinity of 5000.

Talk Show Caller: That’s a lot of cameras.

Christof: Remember, we started with just one.

[as he speaks, clips of a foetus, newborn babies in a hospital, a toddler walking along a beach and a toddler looking up at a mobile with a camera attached to it are shown]

Christof: He was curious from birth. Premature by two weeks. It was almost as if he couldn’t wait to get started.

Mike Michaelson: And of course his eagerness to leave his mother’s womb was the very reason he was the one who was selected.

Christof: In competition with five other unwanted pregnancies, the casting of a show determined by an air date, Truman was the one who arrived on cue.

Mike Michaelson: Incidentally, I believe Truman is the first child to have been legally adopted by a corporation?

Christof: That’s correct.

#TruthSeeker overview: Chrisof represents the ‘sociopathic system’ (including MEDIA and the MONEY MEN) who run the way we see the world. As I continually say, they do NOT think or feel like you and I. They lack empathy and compassion, and will do whatever they can to be in power (or you could also say .. win ratings). The statement ‘leave his mother’s womb’ is significant of the forced disconnection of the ‘Divine Feminine’ that the MONEY MEN have been orchestrating for some time. Truman is ‘legally adopted by a corporation’, and in real life we are ALL OWNED by our Governments as each Government is a corporation – this has happened since the days of our birth and our ‘birth certificates’ (corporate deeds) were constructed.


Mike Michaelson: Christof, let me ask you, why do you think that Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world until now?

Christof: We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that.

#TruthSeeker overview: It’s exactly how Christof says it is, however Truman being 30 in the show and waking up at this time is symbolic of firstly ‘Saturn Return’ (an important astrological occurrence that happens during late 20’s, early 30’s) and after having endured our own rites of passage (from childhood, to teenager, to young adult), and this is when many of us begin to question the world.


Mike Michaelson: The Hague for Christof. Hello? The Hague? All right, we’ve lost that call, let’s go to Hollywood, California. You’re on Trutalk.

Sylvia: Hi, Christof, I’d just like to say one thing, you’re a liar and a manipulator and what you’ve done to Truman is sick!

Christof: Well. We remember this voice, don’t we? How could we forget?

Mike Michaelson: Uh, let’s go to another call, what do we have…

Christof: No. No, no, no, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine, Mike. I love to reminisce with former members of the cast. Sylvia, as you announced so melodramatically to the world, do you think because you batted your eyes at Truman once, flirted with him, stole a few minutes of airtime with him to thrust yourself and your politics into the limelight, that you know him? That you know what’s right for him? You really think you’re in a position to judge him?

Sylvia: What right do you have to take a baby and turn his life into some kind of mockery? Don’t you ever feel guilty?

Christof: I have given Truman the chance to lead a normal life. The world, the place you live in, is the sick place. Seahaven is the way the world should be.

Sylvia: He’s not a performer, he’s a prisoner. Look at him, look at what you’ve done to him!

Christof: He could leave at any time. If his was more than just a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there’s no way we could prevent him. I think what distresses you, really, caller, is that ultimately Truman prefers his cell, as you call it.

Sylvia: Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You’re so wrong! And he’ll prove you wrong!

#TruthSeeker overview: Sylvia is the Whistleblower! She is the ‘wake up’ call to Truman (the True Man) remembering the truth. She questions the ‘system’ calling Christof a liar and manipulator – just like many conspiracy theorists do against corporations, government and media – yet as with real-life, she is condemned for her questioning, through the MEDIA channel. Sylvia (The Whistleblower) questions Christof (The System), ‘Don’t you ever feel guilty?’, which is confirmation of the sociopathic leadership immersed across the globe. Guilt does NOT exist in their world. He confirms that ‘the world, the place you live in, is the sick place’ and ‘He (the True Man)could leave at any time .. if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there’s no way we could prevent him. I think what distresses you .. is that ultimately Truman prefers his cell, as you call it.’ What Christof is saying is that the humanity prefers to live in a world (cell) that has been constructed by the powers that may be, rather than question it. We fear change, and this fear keeps us exactly where ‘the system’ wants us – enslaved to them.


Christof: As Truman grew up, we were forced to manufacture ways to keep him on the island.

[flashback to Truman at school]

Young Truman: I like to be an explorer, like the great Magellan.

Teacher: [rolling down a map of the world] Oh, you’re too late. There’s really nothing left to explore.

#TruthSeeker overview: The Teacher represents our ‘education system’. It is owned and operated by the same people who own and operate Government. Truman (the True Man) from a small child learns what they want us to believe, in order for us to stop free-thinking as ‘there’s really nothing left to explore’ (or you could say, there’s no room for free thought).


Truman: I figure we can scrape together $8,000…

Meryl: Every time you and Marlon get together…

Truman: We can bum around the world for a year on that!

Meryl: And then what, Truman? We’d be where we were five years ago. You’re talking like a teenager.

Truman: Well, maybe I feel like a teenager.

Meryl: We have mortgage payments, Truman.

[He sighs]

Meryl: We have car payments. What, we’re going to just walk away from our financial obligations?

Truman: [He stands, whirls around, bends pleadingly, his hands reaching as though to grab the world] It would be an adventure!

Meryl: I thought we were gonna try for a baby.

[He turns away and rubs the back of his neck]

Meryl: Isn’t that enough of an adventure?

Truman: [Truman turns back, waves his arms dramatically] That can wait. I want to get away, see some of the world! Explore!

Meryl: [teasing him] Honey, you wanna be an explorer.

[She rises, goes to him, strokes his cheek]

Meryl: This’ll pass. We all think like this now and then.

#TruthSeeker overview: Meryl represents the MEDIA and is there to tell us how to think. She is put there on purpose to make sure he stays in line with his thoughts. She (the MEDIA) reminds Truman (the True Man) of the responsibilities and obligations of being alive in the ‘system’. Mortgage, Car Payments, Financial Obligations, Baby .. ‘the American Dream’ all of which Truman has been born to play part in. Her last statement ‘This’ll pass, we all think like this now and then’ is the MEDIAS way of saying ‘believe what we say, your free-thinking thoughts are temporary because we need you to think like we want you to think!’


[Truman is trying to leave town in his car, with Meryl. He’s gone through various obstacles including traffic jams and a forest fire. Now he’s hearing a warning siren]

Truman: [suspiciously] What now?

[they’re coming up to Seahaven Nuclear Power Station. Police, firemen and men in radiation suits are blocking the road]

Meryl: Truman, it looks like a leak at the plant.

Policeman at Power Plant: [walking up to the car window] Back up, back up. Leak at the plant. We had to shut her down.

Truman: Is there any way around?

Policeman at Power Plant: [shakes head] Whole area’s been evacuated.

Meryl: Is there anything I can do?

Policeman at Power Plant: No, ma’am.

Truman: [sighs] Thank you for your help.

Policeman at Power Plant: You’re welcome, Truman.

Truman: [stunned whisper] Truman?

#TruthSeeker overview: This scene is very interesting. This is where Truman wants to escape from the ‘orchestrated reality’ of his world. The ‘system’ creates obstacles and distractions and ‘false flag’ scenarios, in order for him to stay in the confinement of their needs. They will go to any lengths to stop the ‘True Man’ from waking up, even to the point of extreme lies, dramatic deceit and use of their own forces. Reminds me of 911!


Now I am sure many of you #TruthSeekers reading this are thinking ‘Yep, that’s how it is!’ And for those who don’t, well maybe you haven’t had your ‘wake up call’ yet .. but trust me, it is coming!

And with the US Election just around the corner, this is an opportune time to see this Truman-style MEDIA brain-washing in action. Look at the news networks all being like Christof, as they are scrambling wildly to make sure that this election is won by the candidate who has already been appointed President by the MONEY MEN, before the voting even begins.

hillary-clintonYet in saying this, I am sure that when many journalists were young, they thought they wanted to go into journalism because they wanted to report REAL news stories. Yet as the MEDIA is owned, many journalists end up being bought and told to write bullshit stories to appease their bosses, who are working for the MONEY MEN. For instance, the whole Trump sexual assault thing that’s surfacing right before the voting. Funny that, all of a sudden women from out of nowhere are coming out saying Trump assaulted them from years and decades ago. In my opinion they are just writing drama-infused articles because they have been told to do so. Just two days ago I read eight negative articles in ‘The Age against Trump (who mind you I don’t support either, he’s another puppet) but not one negative Hillary article. What blows my mind is they write about these women Trump has allegedly abused, but yet don’t report that Hillary’s sex-addicted husband Bill Clinton, did the same thing if not worse. I think that if Hillary and the media was really worried about misogyny and sexual assault, the first question I would ask is how could you be supporting your husband who has a number of rape claims against him and has a documented history of sexaul assault’? If she is so high and mighty about women’s rights then she should denounce what Bill did years ago as well. You can’t out one person for their behaviour but turn your back on exactly (if not worse) the same behaviour by your husband.

wikileaks-magnifyAnd this planned ‘distraction news reporting is all happening while something much bigger is happening – the release of the*Podesta emails from Wikileaks and Julian Assange. These damning publications should be having serious implications on Hillary’s desire to be the next US President, as they go as far to imply that the Clintons team was responsible in murdering a Supreme Court judge. There’s a reason conspiracy theorists have termed her Killary .. and WikiLeaks may be the source to prove it!

Question Everything!

Greg Riley #TruthSeeker

*The Podesta Emails: WikiLeaks series on deals involving Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. Mr Podesta is a long-term associate of the Clintons and was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998 until 2001. Mr Podesta also owns the Podesta Group with his brother Tony, a major lobbying firm and is the Chair of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington DC-based think tank.

(Copied from WikiLeaks site – )