In the last edition of An Alternative Voice I touched on the subject of reincarnation and within that, the subject of Karma. Karma can be good, bad or even indifferent depending on the purpose. However, for some reason, people tend to focus on the negative side of the subject.

Karma is our soul’s understanding itself through specific contrasting experiences and/or situations. It can be quite complex but a simplistic example would be, if in one life we are rich and famous but abuse our position of power, then in another life we can be poor and homeless. It is we who choose the life we need to experience and we who choose the experiences within that life.

Karma can be as detailed as choosing to be married to a partner from a previous life to work through issues which may have arisen through that partnership. You may also choose ‘good’ karma by continuing a previous relationship to gather further understanding about true love.

The relationship between reincarnation and karma is intertwined in so many aspects of or lives and can be confusing to comprehend. It is however, the major choices we make in our lives which impact on how and what role karma plays in each of our lifetimes.

In many cases it is through our personal relationships that karma allows our soul to grow. We will often find it strange as to why certain people appear in our lives. Especially those who are within our circle of family and friends! If you ever wonder why this happens, then give some thought to the possible higher purpose for these encounters. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What is this person allowing me to learn?
  • What is it about this person which I do not like that is reflected in me?
  • Why is this person helping me out?
  • What is this person showing me?
  • What is this situation allowing me to learn?

I often find that during a reading many of these personal interactions have been predetermined and that those involved have both agreed to meet for certain reasons. It can be quite enlightening to actually understand why certain situations have and do occur in our lives.When we look at karma and reincarnation together we see the greater purpose of what we are trying to achieve on our individual journeys. Karma allows us to experience and learn from different aspects of certain situations. And remember just as many of them are positive as well as those that may be negative.

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