911_attacks-world-trade-centreHi Fellow #TruthSeekers!

This blog has been prompted because it seems I have PISSED OFF SOME AMERICANS from my original post on 9/11 being the MOST ELABORATE INSIDE JOB in modern history.  If you want to read that original post, get educated of matters of the TRUTH and the WEB OF LIES spun by the US Government (and the Sadistic Powers that may be) .. then just CLICK HERE!

On top of the brain-washed ‘patriotic’ backlash I received, I was also deleted from a very well known American Psychic’s Facebook page in relation to my thoughts on 9/11.

His 911 Facebook Post was ‘sorry for the evil that had killed so many people’ .. so here’s my response and what was deleted:

I’m sorry your own government killed 3500 people that day.
• I’m sorry that 1.5 million Iraqis died because of a false war.
• I’m sorry that many emergency services workers have died from cancer post 9/11 due to the chemicals used to “demolish” all 3 towers.
• I’m sorry that many American soldiers have lost their lives for oil, control and power.
• I’m sorry you invaded a sovereign nation Afghanistan for no good reason but to close a loophole which was bin laden….who you had funded for years.
• I’m sorry that Rumsfeld and his team made over 40 million dollars from the war in Iraq.
• I’m sorry that you ignore physics and still think 3 buildings collapsed in free fall from fire.
bush-911-towersI’m sorry that you think a plane hit the pentagon….the same place where they lost the records about the billions of dollars missing from the budget announced the day before.
• I’m sorry they still can’t find the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.
• I’m sorry that people with licences to fly only light aircraft can man-oeuvre commercial airliners to hit buildings exactly parallel.

• I’m sorry that you delete me rather than understand a different point of view.

I hope that you can see the evidence and know that being sorry for the evil is being sorry to support a government that keeps invading countries for its own agenda.

Now,  I want to make it LOUD AND CLEAR once again! 911 was an Inside Job. 911 was ‘created’ by men in suits that don’t think like you and me. These men (and women) are psychopaths who have a dark need for power, wealth and global domination. So when your human mind says ‘but why would they do such a thing?’ you have to understand that your healthy mind can’t comprehend their dark mind.

Remember they don’t have EMPATHY or AUTHENTIC COMPASSION .. and they absolutely do not have LOVE within them.

So yes I AM SORRY for all the innocent people who died on that day, but I WILL NEVER EVER SAY SORRY FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH and helping you to realise all is not what it seems.

Question Everything,

Greg Riley



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