Giving a reading for someone is quite often a daunting situation. The process though is very simple. It is our trust and our analytical mind that gets in the way. To give a reading first you must meet your guides as they are the ones who pass the information to you. Once you have established a connection with them you are ready to start reading.

Talking to your guides is just like talking to a physical person. The important thing is to ask questions and be very, very inquisitive. The basic structure to a reading is below but please do not be locked into this process. As you get better with time your readings will just flow and things will just come without having to ask the questions. Be flexible and go where the reading takes you.

The first question to ask your guides is:

  • Is there a situation occurring in their life right now that your guides can shed some light on?

Then look into these topics for the client and ask your guides something like suggested below.

  • Career (Is there a situation occurring in ……. Career that you can shed some light on?” or “is there something about career that needs to be discussed?” or “is there anything in the immediate future related to the clients’ career?” or “are there any messages in relation to the clients’ career?”)
  • Relationships (Is there a situation occurring in …….)
  • Finances (Is there a situation occurring in …….)
  • Travel (Is there a situation occurring in …….)
  • Health (Is there a situation occurring in …….)
  • Family (Is there a situation occurring in …….)

When you pick up on energies that are not your guides these are most likely spirits that have passed over and want to communicate with the client. Your reading will be hard to complete until you recognise these spirits and pass on their messages. Be very strict and firm with them that you will pass on the messages and that they only have your attention for that part of the reading.

Spirit Energies/Family/Friends

  • Is there anyone here who wants to come through or connect with the client
  • Who are you
  • How are you related to this person
  • Who is there with you
  • What is it like there
  • Ask for Validation
  • Ask for them to give you the messages that you will most easily understand
  • Ask them to show or tell you how they died/ Ask them how and when they crossed over
  • Ask for them to show or tell you their name
  • Ask about specific events that may be about to come up or have happened
  • What is your message for this person and others in the family
  • Always acknowledge them and thank them

At the end of the reading once again ask your guides “is there something final that needs to be discussed” or “is there anything in the immediate future related to the client that needs to be discussed” or “are there any messages”.

The important thing from here on is to be very inquisitive once you get an initial message. It should start off very broad but gradually get more and more specific. Just be patient with how you receive your messages and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Be calm and patient.

To give a reading follow this basic process.

  • Meditate. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Picture yourself being surrounded by white light for protection.
  • Imagine being surrounded by white light and that this bubble of white light is taking you upwards. Through Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Violet and White.
  • Call your guides and higher self to you
  • You are now ready to give a reading. Just say what comes to you. A feeling, message name etc.
  • The examples illustrated are a brief description of what a psychic medium does to pass communication or information onto the client. To be an effective psychic medium requires training and dedication however if you follow the above steps it can give you a great start. I would suggest that to develop any abilities to seek out a reputable psychic medium, spiritualist church or read books on the subject.

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