vote-usa#TruthSeekers .. the US Election Day is here! Yet what does that really mean? Are people voting for their TRUE LEADER or have the people of America (just like Australia) lost faith in the whole two party preferred system .. which truly no longer represents the people!

The way I see it, many of us are disenfranchised with ‘political parties’ as WE have now awoken to the fact that they are puppets to the mega-corporations and the Money Men / Elite.  POLITICIANS ARE BOUGHT! They are wheeling and dealing with OUR MONEY (paid by our taxes) and making legislation that benefits mostly the big fat wallets of greedy corporate owners.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Hillary and Trump up on stage at their rallies with sponsorship badges sewn on their clothes .. just like the race car drivers? That way we could bluntly see who they are ‘sponsored by’ and especially who the MAJOR SPONSORS are. Of course this would be great to see, however it would never happen as so much of what happens with these immoral deals, happens behind closed doors!

all-seeing-eye-pyramid-illuminatiUnfortunately, we are just humans that they need for the system to keep going, simply like hamsters endlessly running on a wheel.  But #Truthseeker .. what happens when the hamsters wake up and we together, stop running on the system’s wheel? Then something monumental would happen and the way we live would dramatically change. Well I think right now, we are still in the process of waking up (globally), and for this US Election, too many people are still asleep and living the hamster wheel life.
Look, it’s important to know that Trump (and others like Pauline Hanson and independents) are getting voted for, simply because it is the PROTEST VOTE. Millions of people around the world are so fed up with the political crap that’s put out by the major parties, that they are voting simply in PROTEST against the system, however it’s a catch 22 because it is run by the system (and the hamster wheel creators).
So in America, Trump is getting the Protest Vote! In reality, he’s not a Republican or Democrat, he’s getting the vote politicians have ignored for years. Even though I believe the election has already been pre-selected (by the Establishment) what we are seeing is people starting to fight back against the agenda, because we do not sit in a democracy, we sit in a system run by powerful people – the end.
Anyway, I write this not to say if Hillary or Trump are going to win. Really it doesn’t matter because it’s already written in Establishment Stone .. yes, THE SYSTEM GODS have already made their choice and the people of America will get who THEY have chosen.
So in the end, the way we need to address this whole US ELECTION is with Truth!
We need to adjust from the way we see what’s happening, to HOW it has happened. Because when you question ‘HOW ELECTIONS ARE WON?’ and jump down the #TruthSeeker Rabbit Hole, you will understand it has little or nothing to do with people walking into a voting poll, and ticking for who they think is ‘the lesser of two evils’ .. no, not at all.
Anyway today I leave you with the thought that no matter who wins, we still have lost .. because we still believe that our Government system works, when in fact it doesn’t!
Question Everything!
Greg Riley #TruthSeeker