What happens if you want to be a psychic, can it be learnt? The short answer is yes. This is because it is a natural part of who we are. Do not be conned into thinking that just because someone promotes themselves as a 3rd generation psychic that they are any better than you, it call comes down to some simple steps.

Know what you want to learn

There is no point being OK at Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Psychic ability, Mediumship, Channelling, Reiki, Angel cards etc. Choose a couple that you are drawn to and become a master of those tools. Trying to master every modality can become confusing and time consuming.

Interview your Teacher

As much as the teacher needs to interview you for any development circle, you need to make sure that the teacher is right for you. This is to ensure that you will get the most out of a circle. Not all circles are the same. There is no point wasting time with a circle that does not meet your requirements. An example would be if you are after a mediumship circle make sure that the teacher actually gives mediumship readings and go for a reading with them to see if their style suits you. If you want to learn about tarot then going to a circle that focuses on Mediumship will not suit you.

Resources – Books and the Internet

There is a wealth of information in books and on the internet. You can actually find out a lot more from reading books than spending time in circle A quick search on Amazon will provide you with hundreds of books on learning to be psychic.

The 3 P’s – Practice, Patience and Perseverance

As with anything you want to learn, what you put in is what you get out. Learning to develop you psychic senses is not a quick process, it can take years for some people to master their tool of trade. There will be a lot of ups and down along the way but the thing is not to give up. Keep going because the rewards far outweigh the negatives.

If you want to pursue unlocking your psychic senses I suggest you search your local area for people that offer courses. Attending an introductory course is a great way to safely open up your senses.

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