When we lose someone we love we often look for signs that they are still with us. Those who have passed over will try to connect with those they have left behind in many ways. Here are a few examples of how this process can happen.

Dreams: This is the most frequent way that those who have passed come through to us. Not only can we connect with them but with many other people as well. As this method works through our subconscious mind it is therefore easier to make the connection.

Smell: It can be very subtle but sometimes we can ‘smell’ them, their perfume or some other characteristic which they had. It is a short ‘bolt from the blue’ to remind you of them.

Calling cards: Nature’s calling cards are quite beautiful. I remember a story regarding my wife’s grandfather who had passed. Within a week there was a single maple leaf at her doorstep. As soon as she saw it she knew her grandfather was with her.

Electrical interruptions: Lights, TV’s and radios can be manipulated to turn off and on, giving the message that loved ones are near. Many times, when a medium is bringing someone through for a client, lights in the room will flicker and, on some occasions, the voice recorder has even turned off.

Music: How often have you been in a car and heard a song reminding you of someone you love who has passed? And what are the chances that you are in the car at the precise time that the song you played at their funeral comes on! There is chance and then there is spirit intervening!

Children: Children are very intuitive. They easily connect with the spirit world and will often see people whom we have lost. Their connections to their grandparents are quite strong and you may find that they will offer that connection as a ‘bridge’ for you. My advice is to encourage this. Don’t be afraid if your children are connecting, their validation is so pure it is hard to dismiss.

Mediums: Ask those who have passed over to guide you to a medium who will provide the healing and connection that you need. While they will obviously offer you more of a physical interpretation of those who have passed over make sure they give you precise evidence. Sometimes a client’s need to have a loved one come through is so strong that they will validate any information the medium gives them. As a medium I would strongly advise clients not to do this. We need to make absolutely certain that the person we are receiving is actually the person our client wants to hear from.

Pets: Remember that the above examples relate to loved pets as well. Expanding our minds and accepting that there are many ways in which our loved ones, including our pets, can connect with us makes it easier for them to do.

But always remember … a message of love is one that can penetrate all time and all space.

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