Astral travel is the process by where a person leaves their body by relaxing to a point that enables you to “project” your consciousness. Quite often people inadvertently project just before waking or going to sleep but more often than not it is through deep relaxation where we can leave our physical bodies.

Astral travel can be learnt but is quite difficult to do. Once mastered though it can give you insights into different worlds, dimension and spiritual knowledge. You soon learn that you are not bound by the physical body and can go anywhere by just thinking about it. So what is it like to Astral Travel?

Once you project your consciousness the first thing you usually notice is that you are floating above your body, similar to what people experience when they pass over. You will also notice the “astral cord” or something similar. This silver or grey cord is your link between the spiritual and physical body. No matter where you go when you astral travel you will always have a link to your body that cannot be cut.

In the astral realm you can go anywhere, meet people who have passed over, visit spiritual learning areas and many more things. All you have to do is to think about something or someone and you are there instantly. This world is not ruled by time or space so your options are endless.

It can be quite daunting when first learning to astral travel as quite often fear takes over. When this happens you end up straight back in your body. The key is to stay relaxed and to not give up.

One way to access the astral realm is to deeply relax. You can either do this through a guided mediation or even just lying in bed by yourself and progressively relaxing every part of your body. Once you have become relaxed enough it is all about focus. Projecting is done by visualising yourself leaving your body. At this stage you may feel your body vibrating and then all of a sudden a “pop” will occur and you will be out of your body ready to go wherever you want.

Many books and centres teach how to astral travel. A simple Google search will put you in contact with many places that can offer training and support.

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