The Akashic records often referred too as the “hall of records” is a non-physical place which contains all knowledge of the soul and the universe itself. It is possible for all of us to access our soul’s record through the subconscious mind via a meditative state to see what our destiny or path is. The Akashic is represented as a universal library which has guardians and keepers of the information in them.

The benefits of accessing your Akashic records are profound but do not think that they are like a normal “Psychic” reading. It is very hard to read the Akashic for future events. Asking “yes” and “no” questions do not work very well because you are accessing your soul’s journey. The answer will go to the core of the question. If you ask about leaving your job you may receive an answer such as “Changing occupations will not resolve your current dissatisfaction unless you look for what the role reflects about your own self confidence issues”.

So you can see from the above answer it goes into the core of who you are. Akashic readings focus on your past, the current, the lives you’ve lived and the connections between people that you have. For example you can access information about others you have lived with and/or are living with now, and even the purpose of these relationships.

There are a number of ways that you can access the records. These are:

  • See and a practitioner that can access your records. They should ask why you want to access this information as not everyone is ready to hear the information that will be conveyed to them. If after speaking with them a psychic reading is preferred then they should direct you to that.
  • Access the records yourself. This can be done by seeing a trained practitioner who will run through the method to do this. Be aware that it may take many attempts to access your records.

Accessing your records is a very serious undertaking which is not to be taken lightly. If you do not have the right intent then the keepers of the records will not grant access to them. Many people though have had life changing experiences from access to the records. Knowing your soul’s path and ultimate destiny can be truly enlightening.

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