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Greg Riley believes in happiness and is passionate about helping others find it. As one of Australia’s leading spiritual healers and teachers, Greg focuses on direct and uncomplicated ways to heal his clients by giving them the power to reveal their own truth.

Greg’s long association with the spiritual world has given him insight into the mysteries of living and a solid base from which to successfully move forward and expand. Greg delivers that same awareness through various modules and modalities for each client.

As a young psychic medium in his 20’s, Greg completed Bob Proctor’s – one of the world’s greatest authorities on creating success and wealth – Life Success Program. Hypnoenergetics, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Consciousness, Para-psychology, Past Life and Life Between Lives learning and practice has given him the knowledge to thrive and succeed. He was part of HSV 7’s ‘Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic’ and ultimately recognised as the winner of ‘The One’ in 2011. He has also had an incredibly successful corporate career managing multi-million-dollar projects and human resources plus is a regular ‘how to find your happiness’ contributor in print media, on radio and on television.

Greg’s unwavering association with spirituality and alternative practices blends with his forthright and fearless convictions which he is proud to present to the world. There are no apologies to be made for believing in your own truth.

Happiness is more than a state of mind – it is a way of existing. It is the undeniable you.

It’s your truth.

Live it.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”



Stronger, healthier, passionate, purposeful, vulnerable and have the happiness you’ve been searching for

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