15 Year Anniversary Of The Most Elaborate

‘Inside Job’ in Modern History!


The day terror hit the US.

The day the world stood still.

The day we will never forget.

YES .. it was 15 years ago on September 11, 2001 when the world woke up to visions of planes flying into buildings and carnage on the streets of New York City and the Pentagon, and hyper news reporters sharing details of these tragic events over every TV News channel across the planet.

Whether you were born then or not, or remember the terror attacks, 9/11 will always be the day where the MAINSTREAM MEDIA reported to us that Taliban members hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Centre buildings and the Pentagon.

Well for me it is different.

For me it is a very sad day.

I believe it is the day where the US Government and CIA killed their own citizens, in order to go to war.

911_attacks-world-trade-centreNow I know I am going to have some of you reading this think I am a nutter conspiracy theorist, and I really don’t give a shit if you think that way. You are probably one of those same people who believe everything that is reported on the news, and you probably never question what’s printed in trashy magazines that you willingly pay money to hypnotize you with lies.

After years of researching 9/11 (and other ‘supposed’ conspiracies) this is what I believe happened. George W Bush and his cronies needed an excuse to create war in order to profit and prosper for their own personal agendas. All who were involved should be tried for war crimes as there has been a major cover up by the US government.

Before you go ‘Hey Greg, you’re full of shit!’, below is a list of the most OBVIOUS inconsistencies with what has been reported by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, compared to what has actually happened:

  • Lets talk about the PLANES firstly. There is still no real evidence that what the media has reported as planes actually flying into the buildings as being real. A lot of work has been done on the footage provided as there are major issues with what the media has reported. There are a couple of things here I have seen. If a plane was to hit a building there would be parts of it everywhere. A plane does not simply disappear into a building, the wings would fold in and other parts would drop off. The images we see of the plane on both WTC buildings show wings where the planes supposedly hit the building but that would only happen if the planes hit directly parallel to the WTC buildings. Other footage also show the planes coming out the other end. My explanation for this is CGI. The footage we see through the media is CGI.
  • Part 2 of the plane theory is that ‘supposedly’ a group of men who had only trained to fly planes in a Cessna were able to fly some of the most sophisticated commercial planes in the world, in a highly advanced turning pattern that directly hit the WTC towers exactly parallel to them, to create a plane indentation in the buildings. Being a pilot myself not only is this theory just a theory, it is actually impossible. One reason is that it takes thousands of hours to train to fly a commercial jet (and these men did not have this experience) and the other reason is that the maneuver completed by the planes would have resulted in the planes partly breaking up before hitting the towers.
  • 911-pentagonPart 3 of the plane theory is that no commercial plane can fly at the level stipulated in the official report that hit the Pentagon. Again where is the plane, there is NO WRECKAGE (do your own research!!!). I can tell you now what hit the Pentagon was a tomahawk missile…..a US fired tomahawk missile.
  • While we are on the Pentagon, where the plane (missile) hit was also the exact same office which Rumsfeld had reported the day before where TRILLIONS OF $$s was missing from the budget. How about that, the Taliban knew exactly which part of the Pentagon was missing trillions of dollars and they precisely hit that office area so all records of the missing trillions vanished. Wow what a coincidence!!!
  • The 2 WTC BUILDINGS (North and South towers) where the supposed planes hit caused a fire. This fire, which has been scientifically proven that it CANNOT MELT STEEL even at its hottest, managed to bring down both towers in free fall. It has to be noted that NOT EVER, not once has a steel structure collapsed in free fall from a fire.
  • Explosions, EXPLOSIONS and more explosions. Eyewitness reports from police and fire fighters collaborate that they heard a number of explosions or “popping” sounds before the towers came down.
  • The magically appearing “PASSPORTS”. So the planes that completely disintegrated into a tower with no evidence of the actual PLANES anywhere, can apparently spew out passports of the perpetrators (which turned up just streets away) without even a mark on them.
  • Nano-Thermite. Traces of nano-thermite were found on some of the steel structures in the rubble that was left. In fact some of the steel was still melting 3 days later due to the resident heat. Nano-thermite is a military grade explosive – just in case you did not know. Not sure how that appeared in the rubble and how the Taliban got a hold of it???? Hmmmmm ..
  • Questions about the CLEAN-UP. Usually with any disaster there is a forensic investigation of the area however in this instance, there was not. Within 2 days there was a cleanup happening with all the material destroyed.
  • WTC building 7. So, this one is blatantly apparent, you CANNOT dispute this. FACT, no plane hit this tower, it was ‘supposedly’ just an office fire. A few laptops, some paper and printers but again this “office fire” managed to bring down a major building with reinforced steel in free fall. That’s it again free fall. What gets worse is that some TV stations were reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed before it fell (because that’s what the tele-prompter reported), and you can clearly see in the background the building still standing.
  • NIST report. This report may as well have been written by a scifi writer because that’s all it is. A REPORT OF FICTION. NIST will not release the modeling they used for the collapse of the towers because it is a matter of national security. I would think that knowing how the buildings actually fell would be something the public should know.
  • The MILITARY EXERCISE. At the exact same time this ‘terror attack’ was taking place, there was a military exercise going on which was simulating the hijacking of planes and flying them into buildings….coincidence???

terrorist-911-illuminati-card-pentagonSo now that I’ve reported some points of 9/11 (that I’ve been researching for a very long time) I suppose it’s only fair to share with you what I believe happened?

Well here is my synopsis.

  • This was an inside job created by the US GOVERNMENT and the CIA.
  • The US GOVERNMENT needed a reason to invade Iraq and to have more control over its citizens.
  • What better way to do this, then to ORCHESTRATE TERROR ATTACKS on its own home soil, in order to instill GREAT FEAR across the globe and get what they wanted.
  • And to make the FEAR purposeful, they BLAMED the attacks on some rogue nation, to then say to the public we need to protect you more‘ .. so give away more of your rights and we’ll call it THE PATRIOT ACT.
  • What hit the pentagon and the WTC towers were missiles not planes.
  • By this time you could be thinking, no THEY would not do this to their own people .. how could they .. you are crazy Greg for even thinking like this? Well fact is they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again .. JFK, Vietnam war and the list continues.

So let me leave you with this thought .. who are the REAL TERRORISTS in this world? Well I can tell you this, its not some religious group hiding in caves in the desert, it is men in suits with one agenda and one agenda only, GLOBAL POWER.

Question Everything,

Greg Riley