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Establishment v’s The People – The Lost Election : Greg Riley #TruthSeeker

#TruthSeekers .. the US Election Day is here! Yet what does that really mean? Are people voting for their TRUE LEADER or have the people of America (just like Australia) lost faith in the whole two party preferred system .. which truly no longer represents the people! The way I see it, many of us are disenfranchised with ‘political  …  [Read More]

Mainstream Media’s Real-LifeTruman Show. #TruthSeeker Greg Riley

Have you heard of that old saying, ‘Do as I say, not as I do!’ I remember hearing it as a kid from adults (some who were teachers) who wanted to control children who questioned authority or who were obviously free thinkers. These adults in my eyes now were not leaders at all, however desperate  …  [Read More]

Why The World Needs Whistleblowers? Greg Riley #TruthSeeker

It’s really important to understand what’s happening right now. There is a CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION happening everywhere. We (modern humanity) are waking up by the millions as we are slowly but consistently asking questions about the ‘real world’ versus the ‘constructed delusion’ of what has been created. We are all NEO (watch the Matrix movies if  …  [Read More]

Sex, Lies & Murder .. The Clinton-Trump US Election. Greg Riley #TruthSeeker

Before you read .. please understand I do not give a fuck about your limited, conditioned belief systems! I do not give a fuck about the cushy Disneyland world you have been brain-washed to live in! And I do not give a fuck about what you think of me writing this! .. However before you  …  [Read More]

Truth, Justice and the American Cop-Out! Greg Riley #TruthSeeker

Hello #TruthSeekers ! Let’s get straight into it. Some of you very well know my stance on 911. If you don’t I encourage you to read the following blog: CLICK HERE – 15 Year Anniversary of 911 Inside Job! I am sure you have your own questions about these terrorist attacks, because in reality the answers we’ve been  …  [Read More]

Truth, Lies & Brangelina Split – Greg Riley #Truthseeker

OMG everyone! Did you hear about Brangelina? They SPLIT up! WTF? This is so cray cray .. and I thought they would be together forever, I am so fucking shattered right now! NOT! So here we go again #TruthSeekers .. the sheeple are being herded into the world of Crazy Celebrity once again. The sheeple  …  [Read More]