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Perceive and identify the strata of life

Life between Lives is the work of Dr Michael Newton who established The Newton Institute in the United States of America – a body dedicated to the practice of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy. Each one of these transformative sessions with Greg, who is one of only 25 accredited Life Between Lives practitioners in Australia, gives the client a deep understanding of life’s layers which results in connection with the higher self and the greater consciousness.

This is soul searching at a most significant level. Big questions such as why we are born into our families, what happens when we pass over, what are we learning as a soul, and who are our guides are asked in the quest to find answers which release and strengthen the self.

Live Your Truth Life Between Lives sessions are incredibly healing, insightful and philosophically reflective. Be prepared to shift and grow, connect and thrive in these extremely personal and profound sittings.

The light of knowledge shines on those who are prepared to find – find your soul’s purpose and be prepared to beam.


  • 4-hour session: $500

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