Greg RileyPlease note that Greg is no longer taking bookings for psychic readings.  He will now focus on sessions as a therapist.  Medium bookings can still be made but the wait is over 12 months.  For Hypnoenergetics sessions please contact this office.

In the fast paced life that is our 21st Century, it is easy to lose our way, find that part of our person has been missing or worse never discovered to begin with. It is however, in this day and age, that we expect of ourselves and of each other to be super beings. Parents, Teachers, Lovers, Professionals, Friends, Sons, Daughters, Leaders. Is it any wonder that so many of us see ourselves falling short of what we feel we are deserving of in life?

We have left little room to answer these questions for fear of what we might find. And yet we are so quick to judge, our peers and ourselves.

Just imagine what we could achieve as a human race if we translated all our negative energy into the positivity that allows us to achieve our dreams?

Peace, Acceptance, Love, Freedom, Equality

In the past 20 years where spiritual practices have found their way into mainstream life, they have become incorporated into the fast paced quick fix society that we are now striving to reverse. Perhaps you have dabbled with Tarot, explored the power of Reiki, but never really embraced this fact:

Your future changes from moment to moment, you have the power to change all facets of your life, you are not expected to achieve this alone.

Do you know yourself entirely?
What would you like to achieve?
How would you like to enjoy life more thoroughly?

Welcome to my web site, I look forward to helping you in the future,



Greg Riley
Voted Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic in 2011.